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Signboard, being the most recognizable visual of a property, often overlooked and underrated. A well designed and well-placed signboard can definitely provide added value to your businesses. A creative or instagramable signage and signboard boost the chance of becoming the latest trend among Millennials and Gen-Z.

Be it your new restaurant, cafe, shop or office, the one thing you shouldn't do is ignoring the signboard. Installing a signboard is like putting the finishing touches to a newly renovated property. Disregard it and you not only forgoing prospective clients but also the monetary benefits, when compared to having a well designed signboard.

With decades of experience in the industry, we are able to provide exhaustive solutions to our clients to accommodate their various needs. Our products and services can be categorized into three groups;

3D Box Up LED Signboard (Front-Lit or Back-Lit) 

Lightbox Signboard

Project Information Board

Outdoor Hoarding Visual


3D Box Up LED Signage (Front-Lit or Back-Lit)

Lightbox Signboard

Indoor Hoarding Visual

Laser Cut Acrylic Plate 

Inkjet Printing


Outdoor Signboard

Indoor Signboard

Banner | Directory | Project Information Board

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