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It took a long time to decide to do the renovation for your property, we are here for you. It might be one of the most exhausting tasks, especially for those who do not have the experience and knowledge. Based on our discussion with clients, appointing a trusted and reliable one point of contact for the renovation works not only will guarantee the desired result but also enlighten the planning and budgeting process.

We, as your one point of contact, work closely with our highly experience professional to meet your needs and requirement with specific precision, saving you the trouble of having to communicate and cooperate with multiple different parties namely electrician, plumber, etc., whenever you want to change or update anything.

Years of experience in the field, consistently updated with market trend, gives us the ability to provide suitable recommendation for client's budget and condition. Just imagine, installing a to-be-obsoleted system or brand in your newly renovated property, only to find out that there is no compatible replacement or spare part for it after one or two years, and have to go through the tiring process again.

Whether you are planning to renovate your house to rent or self live, your office for space optimization, your retail shop for new theme, kitchen extension, bathroom makeover or even reinstatement for handover, we can do that for you. Some of the trades that we provide include roofing, brickwall, painting, drywall partition, window, glass, metal grille, ceiling, electrical works, plumbing, furniture, doors, office equipment, flooring, tiling, air conditioning, blinds, frosted sticker, you name it, we've got it.

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